Below are current prices for headliners:

Samba headliner in vinyl – £950

Wool starts from £1200

Baywindow Tin Top full headliner – £550

Splitscreen tin top – £590

Splitscreen with a pop top – £595

Crew cab split or bay – £230

Baywindow full alabasta headliner – £230

Split screen SO42 full headliner in alabasta – £250

Karmann ghia – £395

Beetle standard headliner – £390

Please note the above prices do not include removal and installation of windows or any new rubbers.  Any bows required are charged at £7 per bow.

67 Beetle Headliner

1967 Beetle headliner installed

FB_IMG_1489004508137 FB_IMG_1489004513880

Baywindow full headliner


Bay window full headliner including pillars

Split Screen Crew cab Full Headliner in Black Millboard


Crew cab headliner image

Bay Window Front Cab Area Headliner

£200 all inclusive

Bay Window Cab Area Headliner image

Splitscreen SO42 Conversion headliner

Made from 3mm MDF with a cream coating thats easy to clean

so42headliner_1 so42headliner_2

Classic 70’s mini black headliner in vinyl

classic mini headliner installation